Saving Sally: Trophy Hunters Secrets and Lies

Discover the shocking truth behind the trophy hunting industry in Eduardo Goncalves's groundbreaking new book, "Saving Sally - Trophy Hunters, Secrets & Lies." This eye-opening exposé is the result of a two-year undercover investigation and has already led to British MPs unanimously voting for the world's strongest ban on hunting trophies.

Delve into the chilling stories of 100 British trophy hunters who have mercilessly killed lions, elephants, rhinos, and other endangered animals for sport. Uncover the sinister connections between the trophy hunting industry, the NRA, gun manufacturers, and fossil fuel lobbyists, as well as the cruel tactics employed by fake conservation charities.

"Saving Sally" takes you on a heart-wrenching journey through the life of Sally, a tiger cub reared on a factory farm for the sole purpose of becoming a hunting trophy. Stand alongside Eduardo and the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting as they fight to save Sally and put an end to this barbaric practice.

By purchasing "Saving Sally," you will not only be empowering yourself with the knowledge to take action against the trophy hunting industry but also contributing directly to the cause. All proceeds from the book are being donated to the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting.

Join veteran animal campaigner and actor Peter Egan, who provides the book's foreword, in standing against this cruel practice that has taken the lives of countless innocent animals. It's time to take a stand, raise awareness, and protect the world's most vulnerable species.

Don't wait – purchase your copy of "Saving Sally" today and become part of the movement that will bring an end to trophy hunting once and for all.

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