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As the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting launches a new bid to ban British hunters from being able to bring home their sick ‘trophies’ of lions, elephants, giraffes and other animals they’ve shot for fun, a new film exposes the brutal nature of the industry and the people involved in it..

Saving Sally is the dramatic story of an undercover investigation by the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting into hunting companies that are rearing tiger cubs for trophy hunters to shoot in enclosures. It also tells the extraordinary story of the group's attempt to rescue a young tiger cub called Sally from their clutches.

Campaigners have dubbed the bill to stop British hunters bringing home animal trophies "Sally's Law" to draw attention to the fact that British trophy hunters are shooting some of the world's most endangered species for trophies, including lions, elephants, rhinos, hippos, giraffes, polar bears, and cheetahs.

Investigations by the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting have previously revealed how British trophy hunters have won prizes from the American gun lobby for their exploits, including single-handedly killing hundreds of animals.

Opinion polls show that a ban is supported by 9 out of 10 voters.

However, the American gun lobby and its allies have been working furiously behind the scenes to stop the bill in its tracks.

Below are some Pictures of Sally in her forever Sanctuary


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